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Whitelist Application Template

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Oasis RP Discord
Please read the rules before applying!
Oasis RP Rules
Discord Name (#) (Ex. LeafToast#1767)
When is your Birthday
Character Full Name
What is your character's backstory? (minimum 3-5 sentences)
1: What is the meaning of RDM? Give an example of RDM?
2: What is the meaning of VDM? Give an example of VDM?
3: What job will you take on in the city?
4: What experience do you have in Roleplay?
5: Roleplay is different for everyone else. Please explain what Roleplay means to you in your own words. (minimum 2-3 sentences).
6: Have you read the True RP Rules? (Acknowledging this confirms you have read the rules and will be given a ban not a warning upon a rule break)
7: There are times on the server where admins are not online, how can we trust you to follow the rules when there is no admin team on the server / discord?
8: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your characters?
9: You have no illegal items on you and no warrants out for your arrest. You're stopped by the cops, what do you do?
10: You're just shot in the head by a rival gang and you get downed, and there's nobody else around, You hear your friends on your bluetooth, what are you doing?
11: Your character is checking out the latest headlines at the newspaper stand on the sidewalk, and a masked man is walking up and pointing a gun at your character. Your character has a radio, a cell phone and a knife in his jacket. What is your character doing, and how are they reacting?
12: In your own words what is FailRP?
13: When is it acceptable to kidnap EMS or Police Officers?
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