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Support Staff Application Template

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Applying to join the Support Staff team gives you a chance to give back to the server by helping players, contributing to the day to day tasks that are required to keep the discord running smoothly and by being a role model that other community members can learn from.

Should you pass our recruitment process, you will be joining us as a member of our Community Support team. You will be responsible for carrying out the day-to-day tasks required to keep the server running smoothly.

As a member of the Community Support Team, you will:

  • provide assistance to members of the community on Discord and on our forums.
  • handle queries in the Discord.
  • participate in staff-wide discussions to shape the direction of the server.
  • actively assist admins with their tasks.
  • become eligible to join sub-teams to further contribute to the community.
In order to apply, you must meet the requirements listed below. Failure to meet any one of the requirements will result in an application not being forwarded. The requirements are as follows:

1. Applicants are expected to be active in the community for the three months prior to applying. This includes in-game, Discord and on the forums. We don't expect applicants to be posting in Discord or the forums weekly, but it is a good way of showing that you have been around and are participating. This three month requirement applies to everyone, including returning players.

2. An applicant's general attitude will be considered when they apply. It covers everything from their attitude towards other community members to their attitude towards roleplay in general.

3. Members of the staff team need to be experienced when it comes to roleplaying in a serious environment. We expect Community Support to be able to not only teach the basics, but to teach more advanced concepts.

4. Your admin record is not the only thing that will be discussed as part of the application process. Your history in the community and other communities will be taken into consideration. While we may consider applicants that have a bad past, they must have demonstrated that they have changed.

5. Everyone that joins the staff team is expected to roleplay to a high standard at all times. If we have reason to believe you cannot roleplay to a high enough standard to join the support staff team, you will be denied. Be honest with yourself when you think about how you have been roleplaying on the server.

6. Your reasoning for joining the support staff team will be discussed. We expect applicants to genuinely want to contribute to the server, discord and the staff team as a whole. There is no guarantee that you will be accepted for admin training. We also do not want the support staff team to be the reason for your activity. Someone should be willing to be active on the server without being a support staff member.

If you meet our six core requirements, you can submit an application when applications are open. A full description of the process is below.

Step 1 - Application
The most important part is to read this thread in full and understand it. Once you have read this thread in full, you can fill out the application which is found at the bottom of this post. Simply copy and paste it into a reply.
The Head of Support Staff will review the application and perform a basic background check to make sure that the applicant meets the requirements. Applications may be denied at this point. The denied applicant will be informed of the reason. The most common reason for denial at this stage will be a failure to meet the three month requirement. This is to make it easier for when the staff team as a whole discusses the application.
When it comes to effort, we would prefer three or four quality paragraphs per answer instead of someone writing thousands of words. Make your point, back it up with examples and move on. Make sure what you write is relevant to each answer.

Step 2 - Staff Team Discussion
Once applications are forwarded, Support Staff and the Admin Team will view your application. They will then give a detailed response based on what they know. This is where the majority of feedback is given on applications. This process lasts from when support staff vacancies are opened up until 48 hours after the applications are closed. This gives an additional two days to comment on last minute applications.

Step 3 - Management/Senior Admin Discussion
Server Management, Staff Management and the heads of each sub-team will have their own discussion about each applicant. This is where the final decision is made. Each application is discussed in detail. Rather than simply going by the votes, the content of each reply to the support staff application is considered.

Step 4 - Staff Update
The results will be announced along with the monthly Staff Update. Applicants will either be accepted, put on the reserved list or denied.
Accepted applicants will get a formal offer to join the staff team, and will officially become staff members following their induction. Their forum names will be included on the thread.
Reserved applicants are applicants who will be considered within the next two months. Their applications will be discussed again in the following two staff application waves. These will be the second and third discussions. If they fail to get accepted three discussions in a row, their application will be considered denied. Reserved applicants will have their forum names featured on the thread. If you were reserved during a previous month and not on the month after, you are no longer on the reserved list.

Denied applicants have been denied from the staff team and cannot reapply for 3 months. This gives the denied applicant time to improve on the reason(s) they were denied. Some applicants may be denied for longer periods at the discretion of the Head of Support. If you applied for support staff and your name is not on the Staff Update right after you applied, your application has been denied.

To explain the reserved and denial system in more detail:

If someone applies for the January Staff Update and gets put on the reserved list, they will be discussed for the February Staff Update, and then the March Staff Update if they were not accepted in February. They must wait until applications open for the May Staff Update to reapply if they were not accepted in March or February.
If someone applies for January and gets denied, they cannot reapply until the applications for the April Staff Update open.

_Please fill out the application here:

Discord name and number :

What is your age? :

How long have you been apart of Oasis RP? :

Why should we hire you? :

How do you perform in a team environment ( 1-10 )? :

What do you like about Oasis RP :

What don't you like about Oasis RP :

Please note after submitting an application you'll have to wait for a message/mention letting you know that you're accepted, please do not DM any staff asking them to view your application.

Please COPY and PASTE the outline above and reply to this post, filling out the questions provided!
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