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PD Application Template

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Discord name & hashtag -

In character full name -

Give us a reason why you should be hired?

2. What department would you like to be apart of?

3. How well do you work in a team on a scale of 1 to 10?

4. What is your IRL age?

5. Have you ever been a LEO in another city?

6. What is one strength and one weakness about you?

7. What makes you stand out from other candidates?

8. What is your view on serving the law and why would you like to serve?

9. You see someone breaking a traffic violation and you pull them over, how do you approach the situation?

10. How do you represent yourself as a LEO on duty?

11. You see someone brandishing a firearm out in public, it can be a legal/illegal firearm, how do you deal with the situation?

12. By joining the LAPD or CHP are you willing to follow the chain in command and accept orders by your supervisors at all times?

13. What vehicles are you allowed to drive as a Cadet?

14. Do you know your Miranda rights? If so when do you read them?

15. What is the definition of probable cause and what is a example of probable cause?

16. Did you make sure to read all the city rules before applying to PD?

17. By joining the force, do you understand that we will not tolerate any form of corruption or else you will be blacklisted from the department?

18. Have you ever been banned?

19. Are you in any gangs or have any other characters in a gang?

Please note after submitting an application you'll have to wait for a message from which ever department you applied for letting you know that you're accepted, please do not DM any higher ups asking them to view your application.

- Commissioner Mateo

Please COPY and PASTE the outline above and reply to this post, filling out the questions provided!
Not open for further replies.