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Max Slayter application

Max Slayter

New member
Your Discord: RobbinUGaming
Discord#0000 -7916

In character full name - Max Slayter

In-game phone number -

  1. Which shop are you applying for? [_Los Santos Customs/ Any available_______]
  2. How long have you been in the city of LA? a few days
  3. How much do you know about cars? Not that much but i am willing to learn and learn quickly
  4. Why do you want to work for a Mechanic's Shop? (min: 75 words) I want to be a role in the city. I want to make everyone's cars look fly. I am very good with people and my role with be played to the best of my ability
  5. If you are the only mechanic at the shop and there's several customers waiting in line how will you handle the situation? First, i would apologize to everyone for the wait and i would do my job quickly and effectively while respecting everyone there.
  6. Someone is unsure whether they want to go ahead and spend a million dollars on a max engine mod. How will you convince them and make the sale? I would first find out why they are hesitant and then ask them if they want the best car in the city or a mediocre car? They can always make the money back but this may be a once in a lifetime set up!!
  7. You are working on a customer's car then suddenly customers get irritated at one another and a fight breaks out how will you handle that situation? First, I would call the police and then why we are waiting for them i would try to defuse the situation and i would definitely kick whoever started it out of my shop. There will be a ZERO tolerance of ignorance in my shop!
  8. What is your time zone? Eastern.
  9. Do you agree you will not be in a Gang or allow any gang activity in the shop at any time? yes.
  10. Do you agree to ONLY use your mechanic perms while on duty at the shop, and won't engage in any illegal activity whilst on duty? yes.
  11. Do you agree to go off duty whenever you are not at the shop or on roadside dispatch? yes