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Gang Application Template

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  • Great gang name
    A great gang name is half the work, a name is very important for people. If the name isn't attractive to people, people will not join it as easy.
  • Gang leader Discord
  • Gang Members Discord
  • Gang leader
    It all starts here, your chance to shine in Los Angeles. As a gang pick the best leader. This can be in leadership in resources in a cleaner past. So leaders that have had a dirty past with leading gangs have a really low chance of getting accepted. (rule-breaking, hacking, slot wasters, etc..)
  • Background story (min: 500 words)
    A background story containing your traditions of your family, explanation what makes you unique, actual in game activities. A story based of in game events is totally allowed and even advised. Basically a explanation of your theme.
  • The ranks
    People often forget to think about ranks. Although its a very important aspect in every gangs. So they have to match well with the theme and make sense all together.
  • Bandana color
    Make sure the color fits your theme.
  • Starting members min: 3
    Pick your starting members wisely. All your starting members have to be unofficially involved with your gang. And have NO faction/gang they are currently rolling with. If we notice that many of your starting members are in gangs/factions whilst your application is up. We will see this as lack of enthusiasm and determination. Lack of interest basically. Show us you guys really want it and deserve it. And make sure your members are clean as possible(rule-breaking, hacking, slot wasters, etc...)
  • The Skins
    A full skin set (min:3 max:8 skins) is very important we will look if the skins you picked actually fit your theme.
  • Role-play section
    We would like you to show (on your application) a vary of role-play events. And take in mind some set up role-play is not gonna be considered role-play. We want to see interaction with other gangs and other basic stuff such as general portrayal of characters/gangs. Since role-play is not only typing strings of /me and /do. be actively involved in the community over forums in game events and what not.
  • The leader has to have at least $800.000 total wealth before applying.
    Every leader should have at least $800,000 total wealth to make sure he can maintain the gang and respond every time they need to pay strikes or any theme/bandana color. There is no longer needed to pay a fee to create the gang.
  • Cars
    You pay for your own gang vehicles, management is not allowed to give you any car for free. (Unless you are a Supporter)
  • Headquarters
    Your HQ has to fit your theme and overall has to be looking the part. Before you pick a HQ make sure you have all you need there, such as plenty of space and stuff. Management will offer you a Organization Home (Owned by the server) to use it as your headquarters.
-Explaination why you should be accepted
Be original and true to your gang principals here so we know what you guys are about. if we find out you guys are not true to it we can always point this back out to you.


We will specifically look at the actions that are performed in game. We desire that gangs do roleplay. This being said we don't want you guys to be typing a bunch of /me's and /do's in order to role-play. We want to see a portrayal of brotherhood. Starting to use IC chat for IC chat and OOC chat for OOC stuff. Portrayal of individuals like in real life everyone has their own personality and we like to see that evolve between gangs. Just chat is already role-play enough. We will look for general size of your gang is your gang healthy enough to start out in Los Angeles. We will look at the overall funds available. We will look at the state of the members are they known rule breakers or are they new rule breakers. We will check if your theme and background story is in contrast with what you guys do in game. Does the headquarters fit the theme. Are the actively presence at their headquarters/hood this is maybe one of the most important things we like to see. And of course is every topic above explained in your application.
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